Birds Raw Wood Chew

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Color: natural wood color
Material: wood
 Specifications: 1.5*10cm (24g), 1.5*14cm (25g), 1.5*20cm (37g), 2.0*10cm (46g), 2.0*14cm (54g), 2.0*20cm (66g), 2.0*25cm (77g) , 3.0*20cm (125g), 3.0*25cm (158g), 3.0*30cm (175g), 3.0*35cm (187g) Diameter Length
 0.59"/1.5CM 3.94"/10CM
 0.59"/1.5CM 5.51”/14CM
 0.59"/1.5CM 7.87”/20CM
 0.79"/2CM 5.51"/10CM
 0.79"/2CM 5.51"/14CM
 0.79"/2CM 7.87"/20CM
 0.79"/2CM 9.84"/25CM
 1.18"/3CM 7.87”/20CM
 1.18"/3CM 9.84”/25CM
 1.18"/3CM 11.81”/30CM
 1.18"/3CM 13.78”/35CM
1, the use of natural materials, safety and environmental protection; solid wood station bar, non-pine wood, high density, very resistant to bite 2, the above specifications basically meet the needs of all kinds of large and small parrot bird cage 3, screw head configuration, easy installation, installation firm Easy to install in a cage

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