Heater Bulb for Reptiles

Heater Bulb for Reptiles

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Provides warmth for your reptiles in cold weather.
Provides essential UVB and UVA rays for reptiles.
Helps to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease.
360° rotatable clip light, easy-installation and practical for use.
The optimal choice for all day-active reptiles.

Power: 25W
Power Plug: EU/ UK/ US Plug, 110-240V, 50/ 60 Hz(optional)
Light Source: UVA, UVB
Material: Ceramic (Lamp), Stainless Steel (Tube)
Lamp Size: 5 * 5 * 5cm/ 2 * 2 * 2in
Item Weight: 290g/ 10.2oz

Note: please don't get the light too close to the reptile.

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1 * Light

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